Jismaly Mejia: Alumni Board Member

Jismaly Mejia: Alumni Board Member

Advice I have for Bottom Line Alumni: “In order to pass along career advice to the Bottom Line Alumni community, it is important for me to reflect back on how I got to where I am today. Throughout high school, college and today, my support systems have always managed to expand beyond my family and friends. Fortunately, my supports included a variety of amazing organizations, such as Bottom Line, where my personal and professional network grew. Within these organizations, I have been able to experience a multitude of roles, such as a student and alum, a volunteer, an intern, a partner, a mentor/mentee, and much more. Through these roles, I have been able to explore educational and career options, collaborate and network with diverse individuals, and inspire youth in a variety of ways.

With that being said, I encourage all Bottom Line alumni to expand their horizons by seeking new opportunities through creating meaningful networks with those that surround them. Growth happens the moment you step outside of your comfort zone!”


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