Grace Tan: Alumni Board Member

Grace Tan: Alumni Board Member

Why I am proud to be a Bottom Line Alum:

“I proudly tell people that I am a part of this network because of all the good work Bottom Line does for its students and the community. I have been through the Bottom Line program from high school until college graduation, and I don’t believe that I would be as successful as I am today without Bottom Line. The staff at Bottom Line truly wants to help students get into college and prosper academically and personally. I’m very thankful that this organization is part of my life and I hope it continues to impact others the same way.”

Advice I have for Bottom Line Alumni:

“My best piece of advice to any alum would be this: If you are faced with an issue that is important to you and there are two solutions presented to you, go for the more difficult one. In life it’s always tempting take the easy way out, but down the line when you reflect on your choices, you will regret that you didn’t try harder.”


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