Richard Pierre is a recent graduate from Bentley University (Class of 2011), with a B.S. in Marketing and a minor in Finance. He currently works as a Finance Specialist at the Boston Consulting Group. He is originally from Boston, MA and currently resides in the city. He enjoys playing basketball, football and dominos. However, he enjoys hanging out with friends, traveling and playing videogames on his downtime. His plan is to develop his career in the finance industry and build his network in the business world. He is also passionate about supporting his friends and family whenever they are in need.

High School: Boston Latin Academy

College: Bentley University

Graduation Year:

Job: Finance Specialist at the Boston Consulting Group

Bottom Line Memory: Summer 2007, freshman farewell party

If I could send a care package, I’d fill it with:
Airheads and Laffy Taffy’- and some winter gloves.

Why I stay involved with Bottom Line: Bottom Line instills positive values in young individuals, and that’s something I will always respect.

People would be surprised to learn that I used to: Watch “Dawson’s Creek”.

The BEST part of being a college graduate is: That you can go out on the weekends, and not have to worry about homework that needs to be done on Sunday.

The HARDEST part about being a college graduate is: Knowing that you can’t use the “I’m in college” excuse anymore…

Join me in supporting Bottom Line by: Staying involved, attending the events, spreading the word about the organization to those around you, and donating if you can. (Learn more about care package sponsorship here: )


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