Each month we will be profiling a new Bottom Line alumnus/a.  Meet Soane Mertelus!

Soane Mertelus works at State Street Bank as a Custody Specialist Associate.  She attended English High School and then Salem State University where she worked with her Bottom Line counselor, Amy.  While at Salem State, Soane worked extensively with the residential life office where she developed many events for undergraduates!  She majored in International Business and is considering attending grad school in the future.

High School: English High School

College: Salem State University  Graduation Year: 2011

Job: Custody Specialist Associate at State Street Corporation Bank

If I could send a care package, I’d fill it with: chips, popcorn, a Bottom Line sweater, movie tickets, soup and a “You Can Do It” card.

Why I stay involved with Bottom Line: I love Bottom Line.  They did everything for me.  I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have Bottom Line in my corner.  Throughout my years in college Bottom Line made sure I was on the right track with my classes and financial aid- my mom and dad had no clue how I made it through.  I want to give thanks to Bottom Line because they were there to support me and make me feel like I can do it.  I will do my best to support Bottom Line!

People would be surprised to learn that I used to: be a cheerleader at English High School, eat ketchup for breakfast, dance during the Celtics basketball games with my crew from middle school and constantly eat Snicker’s bars!

The BEST part of being a college graduate is:  That I DID graduate.  I have new friends and had a great time and now I have a degree.  Next stop, grad school! Thanks to Bottom Line I feel like I can go on and on without fear of being a failure.

The HARDEST part about being a college graduate is: Looking for jobs and finally being in the real world that mom and dad talked about!

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